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Author: Dreamflower
Title: Five Wizards Went Over the Sea
Rating: G
Theme: Laugh! (Humorous Poetry)
Elements: mendacity/veracity
Author's Notes: Originally just one limerick about Saruman. It grew.
Summary: The story of the Istari in limerick form.
Word Count: 191

Five Wizards Went Over the Sea

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The title is The Darkest Lord, and Rhymer (me) did author it.
(This header, see, is all in verse: I don't know why I thought o' it!)
The rating is PG, and April's theme is verse of merriment:
Participants were sent a pair of rhyming words, their element:
Pontificate was one of mine, the other was participate.
The notes (in verse) are at the end: I'll leave you to anticipate.
The summary: Lord Sauron sings about his deeds nefarious,
The word count is six hundred words, a few, I hope, hilarious.

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Author: Himring

Title: Sauron applies for his job

Rating: PG

Theme: "Laugh!" (funny poetry)

Elements: commendable/dependable

Author's Notes: Not entirely in verse. Sorry! (Also warnings for every kind of anachronism.)

Summary: Before the throne of Angband, Sauron makes his application for the job of lieutenant to Morgoth, the Dark Lord. For reasons unknown and unexplained (possibly just to make things appropriately hellishly difficult) the application has to be made in rhyme...

Word Count: 165 words

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Author: Larner
Title: Four for Bilbo!
Rating: G
Theme: Laugh
Elements: timidity/rapidity
Author's Notes: For Rhyselle and Elveses for their birthdays. Enjoy!
Summary: Four limericks based on The Hobbit.
Word Count: 137

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The April Challenge will have the theme "Laugh!"; in honor of the fact that April is National Poetry Month, we are asking the participants to try their hand at a humorous poem! Prompts will be a pair of rhyming words--you may use them in the poem or in the title or just use them as inspiration.

So try your hand at a bit of funny verse, be it a limerick, a filk, a parody, a clerihew or whatever you can come up with to give us a chuckle! This article about humor in poetry might give you a few ideas!

The April challenge poems will be due Monday April 21,and will be revealed on Wednesday, April 23. Please tag your story "challenge: funny poetry" and "2014 april". Please remember to use the header template on the community profile page, and to put the name of your story and your name in the subject line.

To request your prompt, please leave a comment to this post. If you have not participated before, please leave an email address so that I can send you your elements. Or you can email the mods at aelfwina@gmail.com or virginia_lee_redcat@yahoo.com

I hope we'll have lots of participants for our April challenge!


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