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Author: Dreamflower
Title: Five Wizards Went Over the Sea
Rating: G
Theme: Laugh! (Humorous Poetry)
Elements: mendacity/veracity
Author's Notes: Originally just one limerick about Saruman. It grew.
Summary: The story of the Istari in limerick form.
Word Count: 191

Five Wizards Went Over the Sea

Five wizards went over the Sea,
old men they did seem to be.
Sent off on a chore
to make Sauron no more,
but on how, they could never agree.

A wizard called Gandalf the Grey
wished to sit blowing smoke-rings all day.
But he was kept busy,
his thoughts in a tizzy:
Sauron's Ring gave him no time to play.

A wizard named Saruman the White
was known for his speech-making might.
But his lack of veracity
revealed his mendacity,
and so all his words lost their bite.

A wizard named Radagast the Brown
was sometimes thought to be just a clown
since he preferred solitude.
His feathered friends were multitude,
So he always knew what was going down.

Alatar and Pallando were Blue;
Not sad--'t was simply their hue.
Their fates were a mystery,
they vanished from history
And left behind not a clue.

Five wizards went over the Sea;
only one made it back, all agree.
He finished his task,
And now he can bask,
blowing smoke-rings by the Sea.

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