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Name:LOTR Community Challenges
Posting Access:Anybody, Moderated
Community description:This is a monthly Lord of the Rings gen fanfiction challenge community.
This is a community where people can share pictures of their crafts and projects related to Lord of the Rings. All sorts of arts and crafts are welcome: needlework, painting, sculpting, wearable art, etc. You may also post directions or how-tos for some of your crafts, or ask questions about a project you have.

1. Please post pictures behind an LJ cut. You may also post links, as well.
2. Indicate in the post what kind of craft it is. (e.g. "This is a cake decorated to look like a hobbit's smial.") Indicate that in the tag, as well.
3. Feel free to introduce yourself, mention what kinds of crafts you do, and what kind of crafts you'd like to see.
4. All comments should be kind and helpful.
5. No off-topic posts.
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