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Author: Larner
Title: Four for Bilbo!
Rating: G
Theme: Laugh
Elements: timidity/rapidity
Author's Notes: For Rhyselle and Elveses for their birthdays. Enjoy!
Summary: Four limericks based on The Hobbit.
Word Count: 137

Four for Bilbo!

There once was a Hobbit named Baggins
Who liked his beer served him in flagons.
He went with Dwarves for a lark
And played riddles in the dark,
And ended up fencing with Dragons!

Though renowned by his own for solidity,
Dwarves thought him the height of timidity.
But they learned he could think
On his toes, at the brink!
And their respect for him grew with rapidity!

For fear that in barrels they’d sink
For air he dared not leave them a chink!
So the lids he tamped down
And though not one did drown
Of apples they sickened of the stink.

He came home a far wiser man,
And the buyers from Bag End he ran.
Though Lobelia got his spoons
He found poetical lampoons
Drove her bats, so he sings them when he can!
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