Feb. 1st, 2014

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Here are the links to the January 2014 Potluck Challenge stories! As is our tradition every January, each author either chose a "leftover" prompt from one of 2013's challenges, or chose to complete a challenge they had begun earlier.

We had nine stories this month!

The Standard Revealed - by Larner
The first one to serve as standard bearer for Aragorn fell in battle.

Haven by Linaewen
Boromir and Faramir look out from the walls of Dol Amroth and talk about Elves.

Of Spices and Stewed Goat, by Rhymer
Faramir receives an unexpected visitor in the wilds of Ithilien, leading to an afternoon of wine, cooking and memories.

An Oath Fulfilled, by Rhymer
Lost in the darkness, the Dead have waited three thousand years for the Heir of Isildur to come to them, and now he is come. He is come.

Garnet and Gold, by Rhymer
Long after the end of the Fourth Age, a unique treasure is uncovered in what was once the Shire. This is the story of some of those who owned it, and why they cherished it, and how they passed it on.

Return to Moria by Erulisse (one L)
Legolas is getting ready to sail and has been invited to see Thranduil one final time. Taking Gimli with him, they ride to Moria following a route that Thranduil had suggested, but Moria holds many surprises for them. Gimli has a surprise as well, but is keeping it well hidden from his friend.

Messin about on the River - Linda Hoyland
Aragorn has a surprise for Faramir

A Hearty Meal by Linaewen
The men stationed at Gondor's Nardol beacon outpost prepare their evening meal.

Harsh Words by Linaewen
As Faramir prepares to depart for Osgiliath, he finds himself regretting the harsh words that have passed between himself and his father.

Thank you all for participating! And I hope everyone will come and check out the stories!


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